Institute of Women in Leadership (IWil) with Paulette Pidcock

Institute of Women in Leadership (IWil)

Pidcock Coaching Partners (PCP) is proud to launch its 2022 Initiative — the Institute of Women in Leadership (IWiL). The Institute will embrace the Transformational Leadership Program (TLP) created by PCP that has served the Washington DC Government Relations & Policy community since 2015. Additional offerings will include a more expansive menu of programs and assessments steeped in our NEW Coaching Your Workforce program, including development of critical leadership skills such as: Inquiry — the art of asking powerful questions that provoke new insights; Listening to Understand; EQ skills — self awareness; showing vulnerability and empathy, etc.; Difficult Communications; and Enabling a Growth Mindset.


Develop a global community of leaders dedicated to living into conscious leadership in the 21st Century.


Leaders making a difference by speaking to power, building values-based communities, and being a creative force through authentic resilient leadership.


Provide leaders the opportunity to grow and challenge traditional hierarchical thinking — in a safe environment, while honing leadership skills. PCP’s proven transformational program strives to produce the necessary depth of self-awareness that significantly broadens one’s capacity and effectiveness as an authentic resilient leader.

The Institute proudly commends the 70+ women who have completed the TLP and encourages women leaders who want to make a difference to join us in this 2022 initiative. Coaching is NOT just for specialized professionals. In fact — nearly anyone can hold a coaching conversation after learning critical leadership skills. After all — developing others is part of leadership.

Our 2022 launch is a work in progress, and PCP seeks YOUR involvement and collaboration as to YOUR needs and interests.

Programs will be offered virtually, as well as in a one-on-one setting — appropriate 2022 Covid requirements will be in place.

Programs will be offered on a limited basis beginning in early 2022.

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“Paulette is an absolutely fabulous leadership coach. She takes a holistic approach and places a strong emphasis on values, strengths, and potential areas for growth. With charisma and warmth, Paulette will help you and your team reach their full potential and emerge stronger. Make the investment and bring Paulette on as your coach—
you will recoup the benefits tenfold!”
Kimberly J., EVP — Council for Opportunity in Education (COE)

Institute of Women in Leadership  (IWil) with Paulette Pidcock

Paulette is committed to the philosophy that Leaders are made, not born, and how they develop is critical for a strong and conscious society.

Do you want to be an effective leader who has the capacity to be authentic, competent, and compassionate while leading with integrity, vision and heart?

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