Paulette has mastered the art of the Socratic method, and empowers her clients to find answers to their toughest questions by facilitating their careful reflection on issues and focusing on the basics.

Coaching with Pidcock Coaching Partners

It’s right there in the tagline: “Connection Through Trust.”

CoachingTrust is the basis for our work together. You can trust that our work is confidential and collaborative. We will have substantive conversations during which I will be listening to what you seek to accomplish. I will earn your trust as we work together to determine the best way forward. I will ask powerful questions as a way to guide you through your developmental journey to be a leader with vision and purpose.

Since every client has his or her individual needs, our time together will be a safe environment, in which our coaching sessions will be tailored to meet your goals and conducted at the pace that ensures your optimal development.

Leadership presence, self-awareness, career and life transitions are among the issues we can explore in our work together.

How It Works (One-on-One Coaching)

  1. We’ll have an initial 60-minute telephone consultation and see if we are a fit (i.e., Do we have a mutual trust?)
  2. If so, typically we’ll begin meeting twice monthly over a four-month period at a location of your choosing.
  3. We will identify goals and collaboratively create a plan to achieve them. You may be given assignments that further your understanding of the material discussed in our sessions together, and I’ll be available for check-in calls between our meetings.
  4. We can continue working together until you have achieved the goals you set. You can trust that I will be by your side the whole way!
  5. Results are important to evaluate the impact of our coaching sessions. Among the questions to ask yourself: Do you feel confident that change has occurred in the key focus areas that we agreed to in the beginning? Is your leadership more effective?