What PCP Clients are Saying

“When I first started meeting with Paulette Pidcock I was really at a crossroads in my career. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay in my current job, or move on to something else and what that something else was! She was able to help guide my thinking and coach me through the process. I am happy to say I am in a really good place. I now know what I want to do and I have the tools to go get it.

Paulette is an excellent ‘fit’ for Washington, DC. Her knowledge of Capitol Hill and corporate America enable her to provide the best guidance to her clients. She truly understands how careers can develop or stagnate in the nation’s capital. She has worked with corporate CEOs and with young Hill staffers, and her ability to effectively guide both clienteles speaks volumes about her ability to understand and connect with different kinds of people.

I have really enjoyed my time with Paulette. She is a great professional coach. But more than that, she reaches into the individual to help find what motivates each person and what are the tools and skills they will need to reach their full potential.”


“I came to Paulette as a significant chapter in my career was coming to a close. Uncertain of my next steps, I sought help in identifying my next ‘career.’

More than simply identifying what came next, my work with Paulette has allowed me to zero in on my strengths and skills, identify my passions and values, and allowed me to see a vision for my future — and the role I can play, in my career, to advance solutions in healthcare.

I’m no longer worried about my next job. I now have a better sense than ever before of what motivates me, the types of people I want to work with and the types of work I want to do. Had I not gone through the exercises with Paulette, taken a deeper dive inward and paused to assess my strengths, I do not think I would have gained the self-assuredness I have now.”


“My experience with Paulette helped me to put my very best foot forward when interviewing for a high-level position. It also helped me to understand how I can continually enhance and improve my leadership abilities for the rest of my career and life.”


“Paulette is a born coach. She has a natural ability to understand and relate to others in a positive, yet not patronizing manner.”


“Paulette offered constructive suggestions that helped me deal with my current practice and employees.”


“Her professionalism and experience in [the government relations] industry and in Washington, DC, and the regard with which she is held, all translate into her coaching.”


“She never pushed, but often suggested new ways of thinking about issues I am confronting in my current work life and anticipated transition. I appreciated her insights, good counsel and references to tools I find very helpful.”


“Paulette has mastered the art of the Socratic method, and empowers her clients to find answers to their toughest questions by facilitating their careful reflection on issues and focusing on the basics.”


“I found my work with Paulette very rewarding. She helped me focus on my transition to retirement, and to explore what I really want to do when I no longer work full time.”


“Paulette Pidcock is an excellent career coach with the right mix of empathy, knowledge, and focus to enable her clients to improve in their careers, and in their lives.”