What Sustains You – in your life transitions?

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Photo: Paulette C Pidcock – My farm neighbors…just being.

Who am I now? Sound like a strange question…?

Many of my readers know that for several years I’ve been involved in a transition that has taken me from an exciting and wonderfully challenging long-term career as a lobbyist/executive to my current work as a Leadership & Life Coach – in just two years.

Interesting reaction that I’ve received from friends and family…as to the ‘why’ of my actions – some are truly curious for their own future possibilities while others are questioning my ‘true’ motives. In truth, I’ve been searching for an answer as well.

I am certainly at that point in my life that I am impacted when I call to mind a poignant quote by Mary Oliver…”I don’t want to end up simply having visited this world.” I truly believe that I have something to give back to others and that that is what gives me the energy to forge a new path, even if it is a bit like the winding of a stream.

As I deal with insecurities associated with starting something new – at this point in my life, I realize how essential my Georgetown coaching training has been for me.  You see – it opened up a world that I’ve come to appreciate and value — the ability to be mindful…to meditate…and to understand the importance of just being…and not just busy for the sake of being busy. A community of like-minded coaches has also been significant for me as I accept my need to connect with people (an extrovert’s source of energy) whose view of the world sustains me during this particular transition.

At times, I clearly struggle with my Type A achiever mindset — setting up stress to be the best and always doing to prove my worth…or satisfy my ego.  More recently though, I’ve been “just living and just being” – like my farm neighbors..trying to let my life unfold and to listen to my inner voice. Continue reading

The Wrong Career Track ~ and what I did next…

Morning SunriseDid you ever find yourself ~ in the wrong place, at the right time? I offer this slightly altered phrase ~ as a way to suggest that perhaps the transition that has occurred (or is occurring) ~ for whatever reason, is awakening your inner self and guiding you towards a greater purpose for your life, and is not really a mistake.

Intrigued by LinkedIn’s outreach, to talk about our ‘mistakes,’ I decided to step up to the challenge by reaching into my memory-bank ~ to share one of my earliest career transitions.  Although many years have passed, the feelings and emotions from Continue reading

Coaching ~ with Heart

Kudos to Brian Tarallo (Graphic Facilitator) ~ who created this incredibly beautiful visual expression from the collective input of our Georgetown coaching community.

Imagine…entering a large hotel room filled with hundreds of people talking, smiling, laughing ~ re-engaging with long-time friends and colleagues. That was me, one of a couple hundred Coaches at the 2015 Annual Georgetown Graduate Coaches Conference.

Wow…I’m thinking, how far I’ve traveled in less than two years ~ from a career I loved as a corporate energy lobbyist…to a Leadership Coach. There I was…surrounded by other certified, Georgetown-trained coaches ~ all of whom bring wonderfully varied and enriching experiences and backgrounds to the ‘table of coaching’ and all eager to embrace the insight provided in this year’s program ~ the theme of which was…Encouraging the Heart in Coaching. Continue reading

Transitions…in life and in career

IMG_1343This first week of March with yet another snowy day ~ provides an opportunity to hopefully post my last winter photographs…and to continue my story of transition. Thank you for your support and for taking the time to read my first blog and perhaps reflect on the transitions you are currently experiencing in your life. I would love to hear your reflections and insight ~ and your story.

Before leaving my corporate job, I began a journey to figure out my next career step. I began focusing on what was important to me in my life and how I integrated that into my work as a corporate lobbyist. What became very apparent and gratifying ~ was that I was living my core values of trust, integrity, connectivity with people, empathy (yes ~ even in the work world)…and ‘giving back’ as a mentor to those seeking career advice and guidance. Continue reading

Awakening of a Retired Lobbyist

IMG_1312This morning I was sitting near my wonderful kitchen fireplace ~ enjoying the warmth of the fire and the beauty unfolding outside my windows. As I gazed out at the fresh falling snow, I have to admit though…I was thinking and hoping that winter will soon fade into the recesses of our 2015 memories. After all ~ it is the end of February!! However….I did put on my boots ~ went outside and took the picture you see above of my backyard.

Hard to believe 2 years ago, I was preparing to retire from corporate life ~ after decades of lobbying, a career that I loved. I was moving into a re-awakening of who I was as a person, yet fearful that I would soon shed a label that defined me for many, many years. I was metaphorically moving into ‘my’ Spring ~ with all the excitement, anticipation and fear of my next life chapter ~ yet to be defined!

Continue reading