Awakening of a Retired Lobbyist

IMG_1312This morning I was sitting near my wonderful kitchen fireplace ~ enjoying the warmth of the fire and the beauty unfolding outside my windows. As I gazed out at the fresh falling snow, I have to admit though…I was thinking and hoping that winter will soon fade into the recesses of our 2015 memories. After all ~ it is the end of February!! However….I did put on my boots ~ went outside and took the picture you see above of my backyard.

Hard to believe 2 years ago, I was preparing to retire from corporate life ~ after decades of lobbying, a career that I loved. I was moving into a re-awakening of who I was as a person, yet fearful that I would soon shed a label that defined me for many, many years. I was metaphorically moving into ‘my’ Spring ~ with all the excitement, anticipation and fear of my next life chapter ~ yet to be defined!

I thought of writing a blog at that time…….sharing my ‘news’ with friends and colleagues. Also, to connect with them to seek support as I gradually moved away from workplace venues and friendships. Well, after 2 years, I am finally ready to share some pieces of my life with those who may be walking a similar path ~ and are looking for someone with whom to connect.

While the peace of enjoying my warming fire is a precious gift, I am reminded that fire is universally regarded as a spiritual symbol of awakening. Why does my blog suddenly take on greater importance to me ~ today? I sincerely believe it is in part due to my greater awareness of just ‘being’ and listening.

I recently read a passage from a book entitled “The Second Half of Life….” in which the author, Angeles Arrien speaks of fire…“as a symbol of the vital life force that can be called upon for transformation, revisiting, or the transmission of renewed meaning. Traditionally, the four fires that sacred texts refer to are the fire of vision, the fire of the heart, the creative fire and the soul’s fire.”

For years ~ I have been struggling with the fire of vision as I believe strongly in having a meaningful purpose for my life and, yet I felt it to be elusive and vague. Perhaps….today, my vision is becoming just a little clearer ~ showing up as possibilities and inspiration.

Do you have a clear fire of vision? Are you searching for a meaningful purpose?

Angeles Arrien describes the second half of life as starting at the age of 50. She notes that…..“from age 50 onward, we know that there will be four broad frontiers to face…..retirement: from what, toward what?

I’ll share the other three frontiers with you ~ in future blogs. Thank you for spending a few moments with me and my first blog……and may you always find peace ~ in your life journey. ~ Paulette