What Sustains You – in your life transitions?

2015-05-13 08.37.33

Photo: Paulette C Pidcock – My farm neighbors…just being.

Who am I now? Sound like a strange question…?

Many of my readers know that for several years I’ve been involved in a transition that has taken me from an exciting and wonderfully challenging long-term career as a lobbyist/executive to my current work as a Leadership & Life Coach – in just two years.

Interesting reaction that I’ve received from friends and family…as to the ‘why’ of my actions – some are truly curious for their own future possibilities while others are questioning my ‘true’ motives. In truth, I’ve been searching for an answer as well.

I am certainly at that point in my life that I am impacted when I call to mind a poignant quote by Mary Oliver…”I don’t want to end up simply having visited this world.” I truly believe that I have something to give back to others and that that is what gives me the energy to forge a new path, even if it is a bit like the winding of a stream.

As I deal with insecurities associated with starting something new – at this point in my life, I realize how essential my Georgetown coaching training has been for me.  You see – it opened up a world that I’ve come to appreciate and value — the ability to be mindful…to meditate…and to understand the importance of just being…and not just busy for the sake of being busy. A community of like-minded coaches has also been significant for me as I accept my need to connect with people (an extrovert’s source of energy) whose view of the world sustains me during this particular transition.

At times, I clearly struggle with my Type A achiever mindset — setting up stress to be the best and always doing to prove my worth…or satisfy my ego.  More recently though, I’ve been “just living and just being” – like my farm neighbors..trying to let my life unfold and to listen to my inner voice. Continue reading